Gift Baskets for Men


Deluxe Garden Tote Gift Basket for Men

An all around bigger version of our Gourmet Garden Tote™, this deluxe version offers even more outstanding gourmet foods than the regular version. This gourmet gardening gift contains everything you need to plant and tend to your garden and enough gourmet goodies to ensure that you won’t go hungry as you do it. Instead of a traditional wicker basket, we create this design inside an attractive, sturdy, nylon gardening tote. The tote comes with gardening gloves, a misting bottle, and tools (a cultivator, two shovels, a fork, and a weeder). To this tote we’ve added a mouthwatering assortment of gourmet snacks that are sure to delight. Trust us, when you want to please your favorite gardener, send one of our gardening gift baskets!

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